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We chose the video gallery of The Scientific Outsider to display an example of a video gallery. Why do you need one? Obviously if you do not carry videos you don’t. If you want to display a limited amount of audio visual material, depending on their length you can still store it on your site. But with the accumulation of material that becomes rapidly tricky as you will need exponential storage capacities. Worse in the eventuality of success with hundreds of visitors rushing to view your material you take the risk to have many unsatisfied viewers due to latency or video freeze. Understandably having a page on youtube helps but YouTube will never display your products to optimize them as per your preferences and the greatest flaw is that the visitor to view your products will have to leave your website and it is the Youtube Domain who will inherit of the precious ‘clicks’ of the clients. The solution to that is not to store the material on your site but to embed it, meaning that Youtube still store the video but the latter is viewed by the visitor from your site, a watered down compromise beneficial for both. You will thus take back the control on the design which is the most effective to promote your products.

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End of The Chase For New Horizons?

This video is of an article published by the International Outsider https://interouts.uk/Articles-Interou... titled “End of the Chase for New Horizons” so that the viewer can listen to an audio reading of the article and watch related imagery. The New Horizons Space Probe, launched by NASA, flew on a mission to visit Pluto and the Edgeworth Kuiper Belt and was continuing on its quest when there was an announcement from NASA the mission aims were changing. This meant the planetary science observations would cease leaving only astrophysics and heliophysics ones not using all the resources available which were in all working order under The Goddard Space Flight Centre, not JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). The man behind New Horizons from the start, Dr. Alan Stern and others objected alongside eminent scientists in related fields and went public after the Review was published after which Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division Director, held a public discussion. The loss of the information on KBO’s or Kuiper Belt Objects is inestimable given what we have learned from Quaoar, Salacia, Makemake, Gonggong or Orcus let alone the Scattered Disk or Dwarf Planets like Eris and Sedna. Dwarf Planets like Pluto’s status as a planet are a contentious issue given the IAU’s (International Astronomical Union) standing on this but if New Horizons had not been funded, then the groundbreaking answers to questions supplied by visiting Arrokoth would not have occurred or understanding Charon’s unique association with Pluto itself. Voyager 2 fired the writer, Anton Komarov’s interest in planetary science after reading both Newsweek’s article on the Neptune flyby and a status report while relating that the Voyagers faced a crisis similar to the one New Horizons is facing which was overcome by VP George H.W. Bush intervening directly. Our exploration of the Solar System has brought us into contact with Miranda, Io, Triton, Enceladus, proto planets like Vesta and of course Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune among others and has increased our knowledge and understanding of our Solar System and its origins profoundly. It would be an extreme degree of loss to our knowledge given the spacecraft is so distantly placed to not continue with the original aims of the mission in all three fields as Bill Nye, Bill Diamond, Sir Brian May and Mark Sykes aptly put. We advocate all who can to lobby for New Horizons to continue on its original mission to do so in whatever way they can to ensure mankind’s uninterrupted exploration of his own yard.

Hal & XP

Astroverbot Julia Explains how she organizes one of her computer Networks in a reply to a tweet in so doing she also explains the origins of her passion for computers.

The Man Manoeuvring Unit.

Astroverbot Julia replies to a tweet in a detailed 2 minutes 20 seconds video about the history of the MMU and its origins.

The Ultimate Gif Fantasy

This video appear on the Youtube landing page of Astroverbot Julia

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More on Phobos

In an answer for a tweet Astroverbot Julia lurks a bit longer in the Martian Orbit where she gives as much possible information on photos in two minutes 20 which is the allowed time for a video on Twitter.

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