About Us

A warm welcome to everyone who has arrived on the About Us page. The first question that may come to your mind is why this website is called Open Access Media? By now, you would have gone through the whole website and if it is invariably true that our prices are unbeatable whether on the local RSA market or global one, you will be extremely hard pressed to find a better deal. That alone does not suffice to call it Open Access Media. In fact at the origin, Open Access Media ran a Video Centre, an online Library, a Newsletter and several other services designed to help the internet users freely. In time, those services have evolved and matured, for instance the Newsletter has transformed into a stunning online Newspaper, The International Outsider, which itself is already metamorphosing into 3 distinct entities. Among those, The Scientific Outsider is the one which is the most closely related to Open Access Media. For one many of the people who are part of the technical Team of the Scientific Outsider are the same who produce the Websites and help with the management and daily running of Open Access Media. This relationship will become more intimate in the future when the Science Journalists of The Scientific Outsider will start to write about websites, coding, AI and all Information Technology related subjects, something that is already being done by The International Outsider and as you have most probably noticed, we have linked several of the most scientifically related articles across the website of Open Access Media. The quality of our science articles will give a hint with the level of care and detail we will engage in the design and produce of your website which leads us to who we are.

A collective of individuals

We are a collective of individuals coming from different backgrounds with distinct scientific, academic, technical and literary skills. We are geographically situated in the Republic of South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Korea and Zimbabwe. Our Company under which Open Access media operates is found at 272 Bath Street, Glasgow G2-4JR, United Kingdom (Company Registration Number SC715702). As anyone notices from the Prices we charge, we are not profit oriented. The true purpose of Open Access Media is to get you on the Net, as cheaply, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This politic is directly in phase with one of the targets of The International Outsider which is the dissemination of Science and Astronomy in particular, in Southern Africa. Therefore Open access Media helps with the funding of the educational projects of the group as well ensuring an autonomous living to part of the team, mainly those residing in RSA. Different Team members use different methods to achieve the same funding depending on which nation they are in. In that sense, Open Access Media lives up to its name by creating all these opportunities.

....our Toolbar

We cannot but add a few lines on the story of one the products we propose, The Professional Toolbar, so much so that this product is intimately associated with our organisation. For those who are too young to remember, Toolbars were a thing in the past, they were all over the place on the internet (this short video on YouTube is a perfect reminder of what Toolbars were) but they were also victims of their own success. Very quickly they became associated with all manner of Viruses and Malware; they would notoriously take over the default position as your browser and from there on it was all but impossible to uninstall them. When we launched our Toolbar, it was not for pecuniary reasons but for research and statistics and the gathering of information and data related to many of the subjects raised. To our own surprise and mainly due to the fact that the Republic of South Africa had an enormous amount of Internet Cafes back in the days ( there are still a large number operating as opposed to the western world where they are gone), we produced a very large network of Toolbars for Internet Cafes. To know what the Toolbar can do, follow the link to the page about the Toolbar. Suffice it to say that the Toolbar that we have developed now can carry up to 600 Links on 1 Page which makes it a tool for the professional and the busy researcher. In the scientific, commercial and academic domains especially, it enhances the browsing experience in terms of productivity and time and cost efficiency.

...opening new frontiers in science,

The Scientific Outsider is the forum we use to disseminate Science, Astronomy, AI (artificial Intelligence) and Technology so fulfilling the aims of our company, a cost that we supplement from the income derived from the products and services offered by Open Access Media. Many of the articles in it are websites themselves and we present them as examples of different approaches to the design and implementation of the client’s website so as to offer alternative presentations to them. With an emphasis on Space Exploration, Astronomy, Planetology and the ever evolving technical aspects opening new frontiers in science, we cover the subjects in depth giving a historical background to place the matter in context so that a clear and concise understanding is reached. To further facilitate our aim to broaden the knowledge available on scientific matters especially in Southern Africa and the Global South, we make every effort to ensure that the articles are formulated so that the layman can easily digest them.