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(N.B) Toolbars are available for PC's only.

Our custom designed Toolbar is first and foremost produced with a main aim in mind, to reduce the loss of time taken to input addresses, contacts and other sites in order to achieve whatever the client is undertaking. This of course translates into a reduction in cost and by boosting efficiency, increases the profit margin. Whether this applies to academic, industrial, commercial or technical information, the Toolbar links directly with the necessary website being sought quickly. The Astronomy Toolbar is an example of this, it has Links to all the main websites like Roscosmos and NASA, the main academic periodicals and journals and many of the academic sites that carry the needed information and highly specific websites on the subject matter. WE offer from 25 to 400 Links and a Drop DownZilla giving a further 50 Links with all Social Media also linked as required. Options offered include Videos, more than a one Page Toolbar if needed due to the amount of Links, a Chatbot if a continuum of queries is taking a large amount of time thereby cutting the cost of dealing with them. The WhatsApp button is included so that fast and efficient contact can be maintained if it is needed and 10 Email addresses are included. Three Search Engines are tailored to the subject matter as well as one year of Free Hosting and a Free Domain Name ( – others are an additional cost)

From businesses to corporations, academia both scholastic and doctoral, financial markets and economic indicators, hobbyists and sports aficionados, the Toolbar makes staying up to date with all the latest as well as authoritative information, a less constrained repetitive process as it is obtained very fast.

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