Platinium Website Package

Platinium Package R2400.00

There is not really an ideal show casing of a Platinum Package as it is mainly a tailor made website designed specifically to the needs of the customer. The Platinum package is a festival of images and colours depicting with optimal accuracy, all the attributes of your business and qualities of your products. This is a multi page website which can be delivered ready for E-Commerce which can be added later after the positive evolution of your business. The website comes with embedded Videos and one of the 3 Galleries can easily be converted in a Video Gallery. The Website includes interactive slideshows and multiple features such as the complementary Chabot as well as a WhatsApp button on every page. Additional free features are available upon consultation. The Platinum package is part of our Evolution Tools. The example we have chosen to demonstrate the quality of a Platinum website is the very one you are on now. The Open Access Media website is a template found on the internet and modified to suit our purposes and can be considered as a Platinum Starter Pack. Feel free to go through this website and if you come back in the near future, you will see how we improve it by implementing additional modules.

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