Contact, Order & Kind of A FAQ

Whatsapp is without context the preferred way for the customer to contact us, whether it is to confirm an order, to fix an issue the rare time that occurs, for account management or simply to order, as yes you can start the order process through Whatsapp where one of the members of our team will guide you through the procedures.

What about the security on Whatsapp? Bank Details or other sensitive information will never be asked from you through Whatsapp and if that ever occurs it simply means that the person who is talking to you is ‘NOT’ part of Open Access Media as it is not how we operate. But the main information concerning the design of your website, pictures and any information which will be publicly accessible on your website can be transferred through Whatsapp. There is a Whasapp Link on all the pages of this website feel free to use it even to say ‘Hello’. You can contact us During Business hours but as we run an online Newspaper you can get in touch with us at almost any time of the day.

You can send us at any moment an Email at this address and you will receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

A common question is, why do we prioritize Gmail as obviously we do have personalized Emails? The answer to that is simply a question of convenience for us. It does not mean that personalized mail like those coming with your hosting package are in anyway less performing or flawed in any sense provided sufficient disk space is allocated. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable using Gmail ( Some people will have their Email recognized as a spam by Gmail) alternative Emails are available and are discussed in the following section

Or use . You will suffer no additional delays using these addresses and a reply will follow in less than 24 hrs.

Clients residing outside the Republic of South Africa can get in contact with us using the same Emails but in case any problem is encountered those clients can use the following, or

The Twitter (X) Account associated with this website is often online busy discussing space exploration, AI or Geopolitics. follow astroverbot Julia on Twitter and send her a DM. Your message will be swiftly relayed to our admin department thus starting the ordering process.
All the pages of this website with the exception of the price list and research section carry a submit box. You can use any of them to order or send a message. As for all the options a reply will reach you in less than 24 hrs.
We have noticed that despite having a client zone, there are numerous tickets generated by the clients due to necessary precisions, follow ups and misunderstandings, thus we prefer a comprehensive and detailed message to avoid any future problems. However everything is already technically setup to include a client zone on our website and we will duly inform you on this very same page when the latter will be implemented.

General Questions

The time taken to build and put the website online varies according to the package chosen. From 72 hours for the Silver Package to 7 days + for the Platinum Package.
The Domain Name is free for the first year for and in the 2nd year, the Domain Registrar has to be paid the due amount in order to for the client to retain title to the Domain Name Globally.
The bill for the 2nd Year and on annually is composed of the Fee applicable for registering the Domain Name and the Fee payable for Hosting the website on the Internet.
The website will be online 24/7 and 365 days a year as the only reasons it will be down is due to either maintenance (infrequent), technical problems (internet down ) or unforeseen catastrophes.

We will upload your website onto the internet and create fully functional emails so that you the client, can commence using all the facilities instantly without any delays.
You can migrate your website with its existing email addresses to Open Access Media and we will Host the website at a better price, built in reliability and within 72 hours from the Transfer of all necessary information and data.
As we state, we custom build all websites and services so that your exact specifications will be fully met and your requirements fulfilled. We modify and rewrite all our websites to enable flexibility of content and visual impact.
We pride ourselves on producing high quality work at reduced prices without loss of any aspect of the finished product whether it is a website or service like FaceBook, WhatsApp or Research. Our confidence extends to knowing the our clients past and present will happily vouch for us

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